Exactly What It Looks Like

by Scott's Run

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released December 7, 2012

Calvin Baxter - Keyboard
Aaron Frederick - Saxophone
Keith Kunze - Trombone
Alex Van Lichtenstein - Drums/Vocals
Cameron Pulley - Bass/Vocals
Jeff Small - Guitar
Nate Webber - Trumpet

Ken Barnum: Engineering, Mixing
Alex Lichtenstein: Engineering, Mixing (Right Back Where We Started From)
Bill Wolf: Mastering



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Scott's Run Mc Lean, Virginia

Scott's Run is an indie punk band that combines elements of ska, jazz and funk. After touring extensively around DC/MD/VA, winning The Wicked Winterfest, performing at FEST TOO, and opening for Kill Lincoln as well as The Backyard Superheroes, Scott’s Run is currently working on a new EP this summer. In addition, Scott’s Run will be a featured artist for the month of July on ReverbNation. ... more

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Track Name: Small D
One, Three, One Three Small D!!!

Last night I went to a party (Brown Note's Party!)
It just wasn't the place for me
None of the girls were into me (You're ugly!)
They said they only wanted Small D

To kill some time
Decided I'd pretend to pee
But it wasn't empty- you guessed it-
And that's where I first met Small D
With company! With company!

Small D (Small D!) Small D (Small D!)
He's taking all the ladies from me
Whoa (Whoa!) Whoa (Whoa!)
Can I get a witness to see?

So me and Alex and Aaron and Calvin and Nate (and Brown Note!)
Went to that party to feel great
But sadly that didn't come to be (Lightweight hahaha!!)
All because I ran straight into Small D

So fill up my cup x5 (You suck!)
Because I never want to give up
But to the left of me - you guessed it -
They were only cheering Small D
With company! With company!

Chorus 2

I thought to myself, damn,
Small D is a bonafide rockstar
And taking all the fish in the sea
But one day, someday real soon
The ladies gonna flock to me

Track Name: Retribution
Recurring apathy has got me passing regrets,
Changing my state of mind, my own self disrespect
Obsessive desires to call out my past mistakes
Distractions the main outlet to dissipate heartbreaks

Here we go another paranoid panic attack,
I can't believe that what you're saying is a matter of fact,
Isolated and my self esteem is failing me,
One more minute and I think I'll have my conscious free

Let's stop being so disillusioned,
Time will precipitate resolution
Come on give me the retribution I need
Heed to what I have to say in order to stand my ground
Representing those without a sound
Opportunity comes unbound tonight
But let's just waste it, alright

Apprehension seems to cloud my harmony,
Unnecessary tensions from my insecurities,
Quintessential issues piling on this plate of life,
It takes two people to cause one unadulterated strife

Here we go another paranoid panic attack,
I can't believe that what you're saying is a matter of fact
Isolated and my self-esteem is failing me,
One more minute and I think I'll have my conscious free


Only I will walk away

Chorus x Only I will walk away

Hear what I have to say.
Track Name: Right Back Where We Started From
And it's alright and it's coming long,
we gotta get it right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong,
we gotta right back to where we started from

Do you remember that day? (That sunny day!)
When you first came my way,
I said no one could take your place
And if you get hurt (If you get hurt!)
By the little things I say,
I can put that smile back on your face


A love like ours (A love like ours!)
Can never fade away
You know it's only just begun
So give me your love (Give me your love!)
I just can't stay away
I know that you're the only one


Hey! Rubahbahbahbah ow!
Track Name: Inevitably
Incapacitate to save me,
But I still want to be free again
And I can't breathe, no I can't see
And I talk solely to me

Struck down, unsure, unable
Morality, the fable
But if I could blame this shame and pain on any name, I'd feel the same

Inevitably we fight for our freedom
Wonder-wonder-wonderin' why
Why can't we, why can't we give, why can't we live as one?
And as I sit in my bedroom,
I'm wonder-wonder-wondering what
What part of the machine,
they have built for me no no!

Knee deep without a paddle,
downstream I'm feeling rattled
Now but look ahead, it's in my head
And I can no longer tread

Needing some form of closure
If I reclaim composure
then I will maybe, finally see, how I possibly can't be me


Ambiguously waiting,
Patience is quickly waning,
There is not a chance,
Depressive trance can ever break my endless glance
One time's too many more,
Throw my cash at the liquor store
Let's waste it all, give me a call if you are down to burn it all!